Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salmon spawning above folsom lake.

Did you know Chinook Salmon haven't been planted in Folsom since 2006. Back in 1997 DFG introduced Chinook salmon from the Nimbus hatchery just down stream to help create another fishing opportunity in Folsom lake. The fingerling salmon quickly grew at a rate of 1 inch per month and it turned into a great fishing experience for many people. In 2006 the program was stopped due to diseases in the fish from the lake causing the hatchery problems down stream. Several studies have been done on the south fork of the American and a good number of 20 inch range Chinooks have been found spawning in the river. There is still a decent amount of the salmon in Folsom lake. You can catch 12"-14" fish to this day that didn't come from any hatchery they are American river landlocked Chinook salmon. DFG and fish biologist are very happy with this as it shows if native salmon and steelhead were once again introduced into the upper American river above Folsom there is a good chance it would be a success. Also on the Yuba River there is studies being done with hopes of returning native salmon and steelhead above Englebright reservoir. The south yuba river citizens league is fighting hard to reintroduce these fish to the yuba.

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